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   I was born in Chicago and raised in Southern California, I am a husband, father of two and a photographer and digital artist.  I go where the wind and fate take me, especially throughout the Pacific Northwest, always with an eye on unsuspecting moments that can be captured through my lens and brought to vivid life via digital means.


   A main driving force in my desire to create is travel.  It has been a huge influence in my creative life.  The people, the places, and the myriad of differences between them, were intimately involved in my love affair with photography.  Another huge influence are color and texture.  Both can convey a time, place and a feeling.  I have an overwhelming need to keep them as very close and personal friends of mine.


    Along with the actual capture, I’m in my happy place when manipulating images using different textures, varying tones, filters and degrees of saturation and vibrance.

All of my work 24x36 and larger are one of a kind and contain an element or two that is unique to that particular piece.

I invite you to share in the moments and the scenes that I have captured and frozen in time.  My present collection is on mediums of metal, glass, canvas, and fine paper of varying textures.  I want to stress the word “present” because I’m always experimenting with new mediums, searching for other ways to bring what’s in my head into physical view.

I moved to Washington State in 1990 from Hawaii where I served in the U.S. Navy as a Quarter Master (Navigation).   I currently live in Poulsbo with my wife, Amy, and my two children, Gracie and Gus.