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Marie Wise, Artist

Contemporary, Classical Realist Painter

Washington State artist Marie Wise has spent a lifetime immersing herself in the art of being a painter. Her background in the fine arts, travels to art museums across the world, along with a lifetime of self-study has given her the ability to express her ideas, vision and poetic messages through the medium of oil paint.


Classically trained, she has studied the materials, methods and compositional styles of the Old Master painters. But she doesn’t confine herself to a defined painting style. She chooses to let the inspiration define the technique and method. Sometimes she invests a painting with layers of thin glazes. Other paintings are done with thick, impasto knife strokes of luscious paint.


She believes painting is a noble profession in which the artist places themself in a state of actively seeking to understand the mystery that is painting. For her it is a soul-satisfying visual journey. Whether her composition is simple or complex, figure or landscape, she tries to invest each work with significant meaning and emotional impact.


She lives and paints in the small Southwest Washington town of Kalama, overlooking the scenic and ever-changing vista of the Columbia River. She's combed the beaches, rafted the rivers, and hiked the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest.


“It’s a place where I never fail to find artistic inspiration.” -- Marie Wise


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