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Griffin Gallery NW is an artist-owned and operated gallery  representing works by Puget Sound artists. 


The artists produce artwork in many medias, including, but not limited too, oil, acrylic, watercolors, pencil and charcoal, etchings, wood, metal and sculptures.  Photography and other digital mediums are prominently represented as well.  

The mission of Griffin Gallery NW is to provide a space where surprise meets the sublime, using color, tone, vibrance and texture to bring the two together.  We support and encourage the  creative freedom of our artists by providing an open framework in which their art can breathe and thrive.

We represent and promote the work of our artists through our gallery, website, workshops and social media.  We support our community by striving to create a welcoming place of enlightenment, enjoyment and escape.



Artist Spotlight

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I work as a painter and a ceramic artist, moving from one to the other, ideas often in harmony with each other. My work is a response to the sometimes-ordinary things, or places in the natural world. Color, texture and form are primary elements in the work as I tease out the concept and context.

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I invite you to share in the moments and the scenes that I have frozen in time.  My present collection are on mediums of metal, glass, canvas, and fine paper of varying textures.

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I graduated from Western Washington University in the summer of 1973, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and immediately seized the opportunity to open my own retail art studio, DeTray’s Art of Imagination, in the Spokane Flour Mill for Spokane’s Expo ’74 Worlds Fair. I produced and sold exclusively my etchings and intaglio prints in that location.




I see my artwork as falling under the genre of magical realism. They contain bits and pieces of real-life imagery which I put together in a fantastical/magical way. The work here is represented by four dominant forces that were influential in their development: the traveler, the collector, the observer, and the sage.



Shirley brings her lively koi and florals to life as she splashes and splatters the canvas with quick, planned and unplanned strokes, blocking in the lights and darks. Composition is key, so there is much preparation and thought before diving in.



Washington State artist Marie Wise has spent a lifetime immersing herself in the art of being a painter. Her background in the fine arts, travels to art museums across the world, along with a lifetime of self-study has given her the ability to express her ideas, vision and poetic messages through the medium of oil paint.

Peggy Woods

Peggy Woods grew up painting and drawing, exploring the woods, creeks and beaches of the west coast, developing a lifelong love of the natural world.  Art has always been an integral part of her life, enjoying a 30+ year career in fine art, illustration and graphic design.

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