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My love of painting began when I was in elementary school and has continued throughout my life. I attended the University of Oregon as an art major and married shortly after school and began a family.

 Having raised four children and running my own Interior Design business for the past 35 years, there was little time for painting. About 15 years ago I began taking various painting workshops and classes and I felt the passion swell inside. I created a studio space and I began to adjust my work schedule to allow for time to paint. 

When Covid hit, in 2020, I retired and began to paint nearly everyday. I am lost if I am not able to paint. I love painting the light I see and the nuances of colors and patterns that the light presents. Every scene is an opportunity for a painting. I think that each painting teaches me something important for the next one.

 I feel very fortunate and grateful to have the ability to manifest the beauty around me with paint. I hope my paintings bring you the joy that I feel while doing them.

Hilary Newberry

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