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How fortunate I am to be able to blend my love of hiking and nature with my skills as a Studio Impressionist.

One might say it’s my evolution to becoming more of a Plein Air Painter.


Natural settings, such as the Bloedel Reserve, have inspired me to paint these landscapes. On site I study nature and simplify it. My goal always is to capture the freshness and rhythm found in majestic places. With my palette knife, I’m able to bring out earth’s rich moods.


I push the chroma to create bright contrast. Reducing the complex forms of the outdoors into shapes and stokes is allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks and form the relationship. 

Fatima Young received creative degrees at the F.I.T. and C.W. PostUniversity in New York and is currently on the board of Plein Air Washington Artists.  She hopes to connect viewers through her process… chasing the expressive light through her own representational painterly style of realism.

Fatima Young

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