Babette Mayor

I see my artwork as falling under the genre of magical realism. They contain bits and pieces of real-life imagery which I put together in a fantastical/magical way. The work here is represented by four dominant forces that were influential in their development: the traveler, the collector, the observer, and the sage.

The Traveler

The traveler is eager to explore the outside world and as an artist, designer, and educator, traveling has had a significant influence on the development of my work. Through travel I have learned that every location has unique visual clues and icons that tell an important cultural story.

The Collector

The collector is fascinated with the material world. Because I am both a fine artist and graphic designer this archetype resonates with me the most. Bric-a-brac, trinkets, figurines, bottles, and objects that others might throw away are an endless source of fascination.

The Observer

The observer archetype sees beyond material achievement and loves observing people and the environments. The observer is a dreamer and very in tuned to the cultural minutiae that seeps in and out of our consciousness. Being an introvert has been a real advantage for me in this activity. My current 2020 Series is the manifestation of "Life out of Balance" on a global and personal scale. The entire world experienced the chaos, turbulence and resilience of man and nature as a singular event. It grounded us and at the same time tore us apart. I have used a wide variety of images and patterns to capture the essence of the year to end all years.

The Sage

The sage develops during the later stages of life and is recognized as being wise and often reflects on issues that earlier were not as pressing. As Jung said, "We realize we are more than our body, more than our possessions..."l revel in my developing wisdom and maturity and often reflect on how much insight I lacked as a younger person.